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75 @ Bandimere. Those classes are grouped into 15 categories, or Jan 24, 2011 · – Bonus points will be awarded during the eight class-eliminations events that do not offer NHRA contingency money. From no-prep to top fuel, every class has something to offer in terms of entertainment and uniqueness. At selected events, Super Stock drivers also compete in class eliminations, where drivers in each class compete for individual honors. Contestants intending to compete at an NHRA event must meet any and all rules and regulations for Learn about the classes and their rules at the Outlaw Street Car Association, which offers classes in a competitive environment. From mild to wild, and a variety in between, our classes are suitable from the sportsman style racer to the high-end racer. Also what rear end can you and do you run for that class? Thanks again for sharing. Rules  Do I need to have a license to drive in an NHRA sanctioned event? Super Gas, certain Super Stock classes as defined by current NHRA rules, Super Street, . NHRA Top SPORTSMAN Rules Supplement for 2007 . Cars that race in this " class" of sportsman style racing have many restrictions and rules that govern how cars According to the National Hot Rod Association, or NHRA, web site "Super   Rules books are available to NHRA members via nhra. Dec 25, 2011 · Taken from the 1965, Official NHRA Rule Book pertaing to the Gas – Coupe/Sedan Class aka Gas Class or Gassers for short. The ONPS is an NHRA-recognized class of drag racing where old pro-stock body styles are blended with today's technology of chassis and engines. mph in 5. Basic NHRA Safety Rules v072015 This is general information only and you should always refer to the current "Official NHRA Rule Book". They are specially marked with the required NHRA logo and the JE part number on the top of the piston. It’s not quite that simple. Below on this page, you will find all years and makes in the NHRA Stock Car Classification Guide. C. B & B is an Award Winning Race Car Chassis Builder located in Hohenwald, Tennesse specializing in NHRA Super Stock, Stock, Drag Radial, X275, True 10. 10 minimum dial. 2020 Rulebook Amendments. If the powertrain is built according to NHRA specs, the car is eligible for Stock Eliminator. Oct 29, 2018 · I see the NHRA released the first round of rules changes for next year. Personally, I prefer fuel cells over stock tanks. There wouldn't be an actual Hell Cat Class, Otherwise it will fall into the Street car class most times. The early Pro Stockers were pressed to make it into the 8's but they were naturally aspirated. Rules . There are many classes within NHRA's Stock and Super Stock eliminators. Oct 11, 2019 · The NHRA announced that BIR’s 2020 Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals will include the Mountain Motor Pro Stock category. Pro Stock is seen as a blend of high performance and brand identification, an outgrowth of the production based Stock classes, with fewer rules. Class eligibility is based on requirements that include type of NHRA Rulebook. Slicks are permitted, but with DOT tires, some Pure Stocks could probably be street legal. All competitors must have NHRDA competition number and class abbreviation in clear visible area on the front window, tower side window and back window of competition vehicle. Class eligibility is based on various requirements and specifications, including type of vehicle, engine size, vehicle The rules then reverted back to where in stock class you had to run the original OEM intake. factory hot rod class, decreeing new rules for The NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series features four class groups comprising the 13 categories*: Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster Nostalgia Funny Car Group 1: A/Fuel Junior Fuel 7. Nov 10, 2018 · Long a staple of the 24-race NHRA national event tour, the Pro Stock class will now run in only 18 events in 2019. Mini tubs allowed, so long as stock frame rails are in stock location. 1974 National Hot Rod Association Drag Rules Dec 25, 2011 · Taken from the 1962, Official NHRA Rule Book pertaing to the Gas – Coupe/Sedan Class aka Gas Class or Gassers for short. edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Rules and Procedures document can be found on NHRARacer. They use the first two qualifying attempts to set the big ladder (Event) and the class ladder (runoffs). Funny cars are characterized by having tilt-up fiberglass or carbon fiber automotive bodies over a custom-fabricated chassis, giving them an appearance vaguely approximating manufacturers' showroom models. It was called Factory Experimental. 04-mph lap in the opening round of eliminations (the quickest pass ever recorded by a nitrous Pro Mod over the quarter-mile according to the DRAG ILLUSTRATED Top 8), NHRA got right after lowering the boom on Rickie Smith–issuing a “parity adjustment” for NHRA Pro Mod 2019 Conference Finals June 27 - 28. We also offer great incentives. The NHRA stands behind its claim to create parity within the Pro Stock Motorcycle class but they continue to punish those teams that are working feverishly to improve. Refer to the most current IHRA RULE BOOK for complete Jr. Introduction. Strutmasters will be Pollacheck’s primary sponsor for the 16-race 2020 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle season which begins March 12-15 at th Jan 14, 2014 · What were the rules for the late 70's Modified Eliminator? Weight breaks, minimum weight and/or maximum cubic inch, engine parameters, transmission and suspension permissions, ignition and controls restrictions, etc? NHRA introduced a class in 1962 for a wild Super Stock related race car class. Alcohol Funny Cars of IHRA has replaced the NHRA's Pro Stock Bike as it is in the fifth pro category. The lightweight drag rails can travel a quarter-mile in 4. It was a great building point and everything has to start somewhere. 2019 NMRA RULEBOOK CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2019 NMRA RULES (PDF) 2019 Rules Revisions / Clarifications (9/12) View 2019 General Regulations (12/26) View 2019 Points Nov 18, 2018 · Somewhat lost in last weekend’s 2018 season-ending Auto Club Finals was the NHRA announcement that it will reduce the number of Mello Yello Drag Racing Series national event races that Pro Stock 2019 NMRA RULEBOOK CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2019 NMRA RULES (PDF) 2019 Rules Revisions / Clarifications (9/12) View 2019 General Regulations (12/26) View 2019 Points Nov 18, 2018 · Somewhat lost in last weekend’s 2018 season-ending Auto Club Finals was the NHRA announcement that it will reduce the number of Mello Yello Drag Racing Series national event races that Pro Stock The other basic rules of the class remain. My guess is this happened the very next year: 1967 was the 1st year for Super Stock Classes (SS/A thru SS/E), which ran any intake, any cam, so they could take Stock Class back to the OEM rules for cam and intake. Because on brand (Mopar) dominated and the other guy's cried about it, NHRA changed the rules with different weight breaks for different combinations. Nov 23, 2017 · NHRA Rules, Rarities, Records, and Reruns Dave W because of it and the NHRA rules a rerun is the outcome. Designation: T/S followed by car number. I enjoy it in all of its various forms. The Class recreates the style of drag racing very popular in the 1960s with drivers like Ronnie Sox, Dick Landy, Butch Leal and Judy Lilly. Reserved for North American built cars with North American automobile engines with a wheelbase of 100 inches or more and for American sub-compacts – AMX, Colt, Cricket, Gremlin, Pinto, Vega, Astra, etc. Junior Dragster Racing  Class eligibility is based on requirements that include type of vehicle, engine size Comp, Super Stock, and Stock are made up of a variety of classes equalized  30 Mar 2011 We'll start with probably the simplest of the three–NHRA Stock Eliminator. 4 seconds while achieving speeds of more than 335 mph. Nov 08, 2018 · With the number of available cars in the pro stock classes, versus which cars show up, I wouldn't be opposed to NHRA allowing some sort of divisional format to give some of these teams an opportunity to earn points near their home. Here, we touch the surface of what those rules entail. I mean, it's time for the Hemi's to stop hiding behind NHRA's rules and come on out and get a fair ass whooping from the General Motors camp . Stock & Superstock Drag Racing - Over 9000 Likes and Growing! May 22, 2014 · Within 48 hours of the reigning class champion lowering the boom on the class with an are-you-kidding-me 5. 00 – 12. 4 MASTER CUTOFF Mandatory when battery is relocated, or as outlined in Class Requirements. For 2013, 20 CRC cars were offered. The turmoil in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class has subsided from near-frenzy earlier in the year as the NHRA struggles to maintain parity between the now four different “brands” of motorcycle regularly competing. 2020 Rule Book. So, anything that is listed as installed in a 69 Camaro in the NHRA Stock Car Classification Guide, can be run in your 69 Camaro in the appropriate traditional Super Stock class. The class ladder is based off a pro ladder, so for example if you have 4 SS/VX cars 1 would race 4 and 2 would race 3 in the first round off the class NHRDA Diesel Drag Race Classes & Rules ** Updated for 2014 ** All Competitors must have their NHRDA competition number and class abbreviation in a clear visible area on both front and side of race vehicle. ClassRacer. It's a restriction to factory parts that is the major appeal for the guys who love and race the class. 0 Pro Group 2: Nostalgia Eliminator 1 Nostalgia Eliminator 2 Nostalgia Eliminator 3 A Gas B Gas C Gas D Gas Hot Rod *Please note all classes are not run at all events. 90-second index. Jan 23, 2018 · Of course with the one car length for class system the "F" car would most always win Jr. Yes, I think the Factory Stock class will become very popular, till NHRA starts changing the rules again. Here you can view the IHRA Rulebook, order a physical copy and check out all of the latest competition updates and revisions. No two-seat sports cars, front wheel drive, station 10-1 SUPER STOCK RULES 10-1. com ; NHRA Classification Guide ; NHRA Technical Bulletins ; NHRA Racer ; NHRA Technical Directors Contact Info ; NHRA Approved Products. According to NHRA rules, the NHRA Index System is used to handicap cars running in the various NHRA classes. The world of NHRA Stock Eliminator class racing can be one of the most brutal in all of sportsman drag racing. Though just about any car is allowed in Super Comp, the class is primarily inhabited by rear-engine dragsters. All NHRA safety rules and Guidelines must be followed at all times for the SFWD Class. 13 Apr 2019 Because Dave dominated the stock class so well, NHRA changed the rules for Stock Eliminator four 1972 racing for trophies only, and no prize  Changing body styles and ever-tightening competition rules were causing NHRA created a special class for these exotic stockers: Experimental Stock. Must use stock type suspension and dimensions with stock pivot point location. 5 and other Heads Up Race Cars. defined by the NHRA Rulebook. com With a Patterson Elite Super Stock engine you will have the power and consistency to go rounds from the top side of the ladder. Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stock are just three of the more than 200 classes of vehicles featured in NHRA competition. Body choice must be from a 2009 or later NHRA-accepted 2-door or 4-door coupe or sedan (domestic or foreign) production vehicle. 1962 Official Drag Rules. Some tracks have their own events and they may allow you to bend the rules. 8% of the classes national event history (in NHRA) were contested under these rules. (No Cross-talk) For more specific rules information contact: Doug Duell 812-473-0215 Car & Driver Entry Fee: $105 Payout: $2,000 to win, $700 Runner-up, $250 Semi, $100 ¼s NSS Class Indexes: Aug 13, 2015 · There are a number of new rules for NHRA Pro Stock class coming in 2016. A through I/PS are the classes. Note: All other Stock Rules as found in the latest version of the NHRA Rulebook and NHRA Rulebook Amendments apply. Nostalgia Super Stock: NMCA NSS Class rules apply. range. 24 held by Dave Boertman. You are about to be signed out. 2019 SAMTech. Track rules are listed below. If a competitor adjusts a single class or does not adjust an index permanently, he or she will be allowed to compete in any Comp class during the current season. Buy a Rulebook. Each class is defined by a ratio of vehicle shipping weight and a horsepower factor. 72 and carry a minimum weight of 3,400 lbs. Welcome to the IHRA Rules page. 1 GENERAL RULES FOUND IN THIS SECTION OF THE BULLRING AT LVMS RULEBOOK MUST BE MET TO COMPETE IN ANY CLASS AT THE BULLRING AT LVMS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. Enjoy. April 26-28 NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, Charlotte, N. Woody started his career in race car building with Greg Kaplan at Ronnie Kaplan Engineering in 1972 building Pro Stock cars when the NHRA class was beginning. Don’t confuse this category with the Pro Stock class, which will not be returning to BIR next year after the NHRA shortened its season. Every year, NHRA shares its secrets and makes its complete rules available to the public for every class from Top Fuel to the E. Modified engines meeting IHRA rules accepted. All cars that run down the drag strip are required to undergo a technical inspection by the track’s Tech Crew. “Modified” if able to meet class rules (see rules). The NHRA attempted to balance the playing field for 1972 There are many classes within NHRA's Stock and Super Stock eliminators. per cubic inch class. Like years ago,Mopar gets the shaft per the rule books. Mar 12, 2007 · At the conclusion of the 2006 Pro Stock Motorcycle season, the NHRA made changes to the PSM rules that promise to change the face of the class as significantly as the 2002 rule changes that allowed purpose-built V-Twin engines to compete. 00 TO 11. The NHRA Stock Car Classification Guide is used to position a vehicle in its proper class. built a 1961 Impala race car with a 170 HP 283 CID two-barrel engine and Powerglide transmission to run in NHRA stock eliminator. josh you do understand that in the class we propose , we will be racing under superstock rules , against other gas cars. There have been 872 NHRA national events run with the Pro Stock class and of those only 103 were during the weight break era. Re: NHRA SUPER STOCK !!! Well honestly, the rules are the point of stock and superstock. 18, 2017, and one of the items discussed was the future of the former IHRA Stock and Super Stock classes now that IHRA no longer supports them. No two-seat sports cars, front wheel drive, station Apr 03, 2019 · Is this rule change a knee jerk reaction to the performance of a few of the teams in the class? Absolutely. The drag-oriented, street-legal 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 is now National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) approved. The quickest of the three heads-up Super Classes in NHRA sportsman racing, drivers in Super Comp compete on a fixed 8. I was told on the phone by my local track that NHRA rules apply and have read that on many other websites the same thing, but I'm not completely sure what that means, lol bound by all NHRA rules, regulations and agreements including, but not limited to, those contained in the applicable NHRA Rulebook, with specific reference, but not limited to the rules regulations and agreements contained in the Administrative Procedures and Appeals Section of the applicable Rulebook which are incorporated herein by reference. Apr 16, 2019 · The Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 was recently given the green light to be modified for competition in NHRA Stock and Super Stock Sportsman class competition for the 2019 season. Osage Tulsa Raceway Park (Tulsa, Okla. NHRA racing results, news, photos and highlights from Drag Race Central presented by Summitracing. Exhibition Rulebook Jun 28, 2018 · Why NHRA “Factory Stock” Is The Hottest Class In Drag Racing! NHRA Stock Eliminator rules apply, which means the cars must be full weight (3,350 lbs with driver), have a full interior, and Many people attending an NHRA or IHRA event may watch Class racing and wonder what all the letters and classes mean on a car, and how they get there. As for the Pro Stock class, an early defect who earned 21 Wallys in five different NHRA divisions, Bo Butner, has already returned in 2019 to drive Ken Black's Pro Stock Chevy Camaro for K&B Racing. Hold-down bolts must be minimum 3/8-inch (9. Your changes will not be saved. FACTORY SUPER CARS CLASS OVERVIEW Factory Super Cars is an eliminator designed for the Detroit-based OEM companies to compete heads-up with the 2008 and newer factory drag racing cars dubbed Chevrolet COPO, Dodge Drag Pak, and Ford Cobra Jet. Join BES customers in the Winner's circle. The NHRA officially recognized Pro Stock as a professional eliminator in 1970 where it was slotted below Top Fuel and Funny Car, just as it is configured today. Exclusive Content. The rules for “Upholstery” read as follows: “Interiors may not be gutted. Pro Stock Motorcycle, Pro Modified and Factory Stock Showdown all When it comes to rules in racing, there’s both the letter and the spirit of a new rule. Veteran NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Scotty Pollacheck will be competing again in 2020 with Matt Smith Racing and will have financial backing from Strutmasters. Winner of six Pro Stock World Championships, "The Professor" was also the first to exceed 180 MPH, 190 MPH, and 200 MPH in an NHRA-legal Pro Stocker. T. dragbike. To continue working on the website, click "Stay Signed In" below. may not be altered, modified, or relocated, except as outlined in Requirements & Specifications in the Rulebook. Early vehicles may run Cost is about $60,000. Customers then choose which engine and transmission they want for the car and finish the build. But wait a minute. Break out rules apply. 16 Apr 2019 The Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 can be modified for competition in NHRA according to Stock and Super Stock class rules. 90 ET 1/8 mile for ages 12-17 must have Master competition license. com. Metal battery hold-down straps mandatory. Fenders Stock 'C' clip axle retention prohibited as outlined in Class Requirements. Tech Downloads Crate Motor & Top Stock Engines | Crate Motor List (. For TD and TS, they formalized the new 6. Computer, unless OEM stock, and Stutter  He built a 1957 Chevy NHRA Super Stock Eliminator with a 220 HP engine and a That car was so fast that NHRA altered the rules for that class to take away  22 Mar 2019 Skillman, along his father Bill, rolled into Gainesville with a pair of Factory Stock Showdown Cobra Jets that were the class of the field. Aug 12, 2007 · Any chance you can scan that 1966 page (stock class intakes) or at least describe what it says? EDIT: Hope to not be a hog but how bout the 1967 NHRA Rules on intakes too (Stock and Super Stock)? One thing I just thought of is, maybe NHRA was getting aftermarket pressure to allow other intakes. Sep 15, 2019 · NHRA ANNOUNCES 2020 MELLO YELLO DRAG RACING SERIES SCHEDULETexas Motorplex hosts Pro Stock, Pro Mod, and Top Fuel Harley during the 2020 Fall Nationals ENNIS, Tx (September 16, 2019): Mark your calendars now for the 2020 AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals as an event you don’t want to miss! Pro Modified, also known as Pro Mod, is a class or division in the sport of drag racing used in the NHRA and FIA (quarter-mile) and the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) (eighth-mile). Joey Gladstone. Presently, NHRA officials are mulling over changes that may have to take place in Stock and Super Stock. As a racer, you'll rely on it. 1979/82 Mustang NHRA Stock Eliminator Build I have about 20 years of mechanic and racing experience, in everything from demo derby cars, to autocross, off-road, dirt track, and drag racing, almost always behind the wheel of a Ford, and most of my wins (I have won in everything but autocross) with the Blue Oval. In 2008, the Nostalgia Super Stock National Association was Since that year, the NSSNA has provided rules authority, technical inspection and race management services for the category to NHRA at its annual National Hot well known event promoters with a NSS class racing. It was this factoring by NHRA that would lead directly to the development of the vehicle known as the ‘Taxi’. Drag Racing - Classes - There are many classes in drag racing and each class has its own restrictions and its requirements. To the uninitiated, NHRA’s Competition Eliminator rules can seem overly elaborate, but it takes these considerations to maintain a level playing field when dealing with the extensive range of cars and trucks that show up. The sight of the 69' Camaro 427ci ZL1 versus the That car was so fast that NHRA altered the rules for that class to take away some of the advantage it had. Funny Car is a type of drag racing vehicle and a specific racing class in organized drag racing. 2019 Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Rulebook Supplement . Everyone in the Pro Stock class has had to adjust to the NHRA's rule changes, including a switch from carburetors to electronic fuel injection and an engine rev limiter, but Enders' team didn't BES NHRA Stock / Super Stock Heads. To those who follow NHRA Pro Stock, Warren Johnson needs no introduction. Low 8 second runs are still phenomenal under these rules. Once in a while I like to look at them think about the olden days So could the NHRA Pro Stock team owners and drivers. Factory Showdown qualifiers will not receive Lucas Oil Stock Eliminator national championship points. Only 11. In the case of NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing, the series dictated new edicts for the Pro Stock class This is the same class and rules that is run at WCF! There are many classes within NHRA's Stock and Super Stock eliminators. May 06, 2008 · NHRA played with the Super Stock rules for 1962. Our focus centers around NHRA classes such as Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster along with both big dollar and local bracket racing and the IHRA. 23 Oct 2017 First things first, however; let's start at the top with an important excerpt from the NHRA Rule Book: “Stock Cars: Reserved for 1955 or newer  Classes, Indexes. I won my first trophy at the '61 Okla City NHRA regional, still have the trophy and the clipping from the local paper listing all class winners. The rules also required the seats to be in the stock location, but they were permitted to be relocated no more that 4” rearward to allow additional legroom. Want to go class racing? Stock looks pretty good, doesn’t it? But hang on – how on earth do you figure out what fits what? From an outsider’s perspective, it might look like you pick your favorite car, blueprint the engine and go from there. Aug 05, 2017 · So I kind of enjoy the sport of drag racing. It was origionally intended as a class where the factories could produce limited production race cars, or take pieces from their Super Stockers and install them in smaller, lighter vehicles. Unlike Super Stock and Stock, the rules for Super Comp are very liberal. 2019 to 2020 Rule Book Amendments. BES does NHRA stock and super stock engines and cylinder heads. Buy a Rulebook · 2019 to 2020 Rulebook Amendments. 11)It is the owners and racers responsibility to keep their cars in compliance with IHRA General Rules and Track Rules as well our Gasser, Modified and N-Pro/Stock rules and guidelines format, thus if you sign on to race in the gasser racing series it will be an accepted fact that Jul 21, 2004 · To that point, with input from NHRA member tracks, the NHRA has finalized a set of rules for street legal events that would apply to any car considered to be pure-stock, street legal. It was heads up racing, first car to the stripe wins. Mar 09, 2018 · Allowing the wheelie bars is a surprise in a stock class but NHRA wisely anticipated problems with keeping such high powered stockers under control at launch. Total cost of the entire car was $600 starting with a $50 car found behind a gas station with a blown motor. ertain exceptions in the authenticity of these cars will be allowed. The rule book will dictate major parts, from legal major castings to limitations on Apr 08, 2015 · For this reason, NHRA Safety Regulations state that any fuel filler neck that is located inside the vehicle’s trunk must vent to the outside of the vehicle. edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Schedule. Home of the National Hot Rod Association's Northeast division. Mopar and Ford have no interest in the class and GM doesn't really but the Camaros are getting by on the fact that having 20 or more pro stock cars running the same engine combo makes it possible to maintain progress without factory support. The way I see it is that Super Stock isn't anything like it used to be. NOSTLAGIA SUPER STOCK Class Description Nostalgia Super Stock is an index-style foot brake only class for the year models, body styles, and engine combinations, which accurately represent those cars, which raced in the A/FX and Super Stock classes of the ’60s. All-run Class with NHRA Sportsman Ladder, . 1970: NHRA adopts and renames the Pro Stock class, slotting it beneath the Top Fuel and Funny Car in their hierarchy. com under Rules/NHRA Factory Stock Showdown/Rules and Procedures. brackets. 500 Full Tree, Handicap start. Pro Stock World Champion, Bob Glidden, Pro Stock Ford Pinto. 10-1 SUPER STOCK RULES 10-1. Journeyman John Gaydosh ditched the class, he says, because the NHRA’s disinterest in exposure for the category has cost him potential sponsors. NHRA APPROVED STOCK ELIMINATOR Designed to be used in the NHRA Stock Eliminator class, these pistons are also IHRA accepted. 00 is a good idea, but I also that that SFI should transition to MPH to define safety limits. A few events a year, NHRA will host in conjunction with a National Event, class run offs. Before the Dallas race last October, the NHRA had threatened to limit the fields from 16 to eight and to erase the class from a handful of The National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock class emerged from the production-based Super Stock in 1970 with a more liberal set of rules and an absence of handicaps. III Street Section. Certain All Cars and Drivers must meet NHRA Safety Rules for their e. The street section is for “dual-purpose” cars capable of starting under their own power. The class had solid participation from veteran racers and teams. Cars in this section must be capable of being driven on the street. Overall length and width must be era-correct as factory produced. Mine ran 15. At NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series events, fans may see more than 200 classes of vehicles in 15 categories, or eliminators. As a fan, you'll love it, because it brings you inside the highly technical world of NHRA drag racing like nothing else can. Drag Champ is dedicated to Sportsman Drag Racing. And let’s not forget all the drama in recent years within the Pro Stock class, with frequent accusations among The ACSSA AGM was held on Nov. Eliminator, Category, Designation, Weight Break, 1/4 Mile Man, 1/4 Mile Auto, 1/8 Mile Man, 1/8 Mile Auto. All ATCO rules and track regulations apply, of course, and our program is a complete “dial in” format, with no forced heads up runs. Oct 17, 2016 · First round of class eliminations for Stock Eliminator at the 2016 NHRA AAA Fall Nationals in Ennis, Texas. (carbon fiber or fiberglass replacement parts ok) Decklid required and must remain in its fixed position during the run. Pure Stock: As the rules state, this is the purest form of Class Racing, with the most limited modifications. In Pure/Stock, Crates and GT Stock, sticks and automatics run together in the same class. I think separating it from the chassis certification limit of 6. 2020 Rule Book Amendments . 50  28 Jun 2018 NHRA Stock Eliminator rules apply, which means the cars must be full weight ( 3,350 lbs with driver), have a full interior, and they must use  25 May 2019 Please Note: All 2019 NHRA Safety Requirements Supersede this book) These Rules Please check your class rules for any class specific amendments. Can someone share a link to rules for the class Or scan and post rules I have had a few people ask about rules as they want to build cars for the SS/VX RULES - Aircooled Volkswagen Forum Aircooled Volkswagen Forum > Aircooled Drag Racing Forum > NHRA Super Stock Dec 05, 2017 · In addition to Dodge, Ford’s Mustang may return to NHRA Pro Stock competition. Advanced rules and safety information. Below lie the complete set of rules for Pro Stock Eliminator in the year 1974. According to Dodge, “The Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 can be modified for competition in NHRA according to Stock and Super Stock class rules. 90 and slower for ages 12 to 17, 7. The vehicle will feature a class weight break of 8. 4s. Your race car must be a current NHRA or IHRA approved stock or super stock race car and the driver must have a current/active NHRA/IHRA license. Apr 29, 2009 · I don't personally run in any class, I just show up to grudge night and as a spoiler to any chevy or import event I can get into and run. Dec 03, 2018 · The original incarnation was along the same lines as ADRL’s eighth-mile SuperCar Showdown, and NHRA’s rendition was a heads-up contest that fell in with Stock Eliminator class eliminations and raced to the quarter-mile. NHRA Top Fuel dragsters are the world's fastest accelerating land vehicles. super stock rules do not allow either. 2020 Rulebook. All qualifiers in Nostalgia Super Stock must have a valid elapsed time Pro Stockers started by taking the Super Stock body and dropping in an engine from the Modified Production class rules. With very strict rules racers must find ways to maximize their car to run under the class index and be consistent bracket machines at the same time. Those classes are grouped into 12 categories, or eliminators, each strictly governed by NHRA rule makers. The Association’s leadership is currently provided by Dave Ley. 2019 to 2020 JDRL Rulebook Amendments. Our goal is to provide sportsman racing news, results, and updates to our viewers on a daily basis. pdf) GM Ford Mopar Chevrolet 502HP 502 385HP 350 300HP 350 330HP 350 355HP 350 International Hot Rod Association - Crate Motors - Accepted List for Stock 2018 VW Super Stock Rules Air-cooled only Any full bodied, rear engine VW. Nov 17, 2018 · MORE: NHRA cuts Pro Stock competition from 24 to 18 national events in 2019. In the case of other class specific rules questions, the NHRA rulebook and/or NHRA rules Revisions will be consulted. Later on, A. We'll start with probably the simplest of the three main stock-type classes - NHRA Stock Eliminator. Most Classes are based upon the ET and MPH then upon what is installed on the car. Aug 12, 2007 · I ran a Junior Stock 59 Chevy Biscayne 293 2 barrel, 185hp with a 4 speed in P/S in the late 60's in S Fla. Track directory and event schedule, and national event schedule. 778-second, 250. It is the rebirth of factory muscle car drag racing on the quarter-mile dragstrip. 1 1960 or newer, North American made cars. 8. All general safety requirements apply as specified in NHRA rulebook. I know it goes against the grain of the pro classes, but the class is dying and I don't know what the proper Welcome to the Outlaw Nostalgia Pro Stock Drag Racing Association. Note: It is ultimately the competitor’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Ultra Street class requirements as well as all NHRA safety requirements. National Class Performer Awards will be presented following the eight-race class-eliminations series to the drivers who earn the most points in one of four class groupings: Super Stock-Stick, Super Stock-Automatic, Stock-Stick Sep 07, 2012 · In NHRA-legal class racing, such as within the ranks of Stock Eliminator, the game rules are strictly defned. BODY: NOSTALGIA SUPER STOCK No external modification of any panel which will alter the stock body lines is allowed. represent those cars, which raced in the Super Stock classes of the '60's. Vented caps are also prohibited as they allow gas fumes out, which can cause a fire. This combination of technology and drivers' skill easily puts these cars in the mid to low 7s and often flirting with the 6s. Approved Sportsman Fuel; Data Recorders; Transbrake Button; Electronic Fuel Injection; Auto Trans Dipsticks; Bellhousings (Auto) Ignition Systems NHRA Classes Overview Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stock are just three of the more than 200 classes of vehicles featured in NHRA competition. Junior Dragster Racing League Rulebook. Nostalgia Super Stock (AKA NSS) is among the most popular, and fastest growing forms of drag racing. 10-2 COMPETING MODELS 10-2. The SCCA® National Solo® Rules are a member-generated ruleset built and refined throughout the past 45 years. The competitor agrees they bear the ultimate responsibility when it comes to safety and how it complies with Ultra Street Class rules and NHRA rule books. I have some NHRA rule books from 69, 70, 71 and 72. NHRA RULES. Stock, Regular Classes, AA/S, 7. In a media release, the NHRA said “competitors believe (18 races) is the In no way are these rules intended to supersede or replace the current NHRA and/or Track Rules. Pro Stock was basically an outgrowth of the Super Stock class yet it featured a less stringent set of rules and no handicaps. NHRA’s Stock Super Stock racers compete on a handicap start and the breakout rule is enforced, except when two cars in the same class are racing in which case. The new “Pure Stock” street legal rules and regulations can be integrated into existing street legal categories by member tracks or run as a separate class. 1965 Official Drag Rules. This rule book is published annually and each aspect of a Solo® event from safety, procedure, and classing is covered so it is used by both officials and competitors. NHRA Rulebook. 2020 JDRL Rulebook Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Rulebook. I still run NHRA stock eliminator so I guess this will be my 58th year in the class. – with North American engines with a minimum wheelbase of 94 inches. Class is for full bodied vehicles with roof, working doors, and left hand steer only running between 6. Refer to the General Regulations section of the 2012 NHRA Rulebook. SCCA® National Solo® Rules . Each class is defined by a ratio of vehicle shipping weight and a horsepower The NHRA Stock Car Classification Guide is used to position a vehicle in its proper class. NHRA publishes an annual Rule Book that covers every classification from Top Fuel to ET Bracket Racing and is used by Pacific Raceways’ Tech Crew. March 14-17 Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla. SUPER PRO 7. Stock-SS Class Tool; Links. Basic NHRA Safety Rules All cars must meet NHRA Rules and pass technical inspection This is general information only and you should always refer to the current "Official NHRA Rule Book". The other interior rules were subject to a lot of interpretation. t. The class depends on the weight and engine selection. Carbon fiber, fiberglass, or aluminum replacement parts allowed. Smith for the win in Pro Stock Motorcycle but the NHRA overturns the timing and The History of NHRA Stock and Super Stock Classes: The Theory of the Classes The fundamental goal for class racing for Stock or Super Stock Eliminator competition is to have competitors in a class be somewhat equal in performance potential. Oct 23, 2017 · Part 1: Figuring Out NHRA Stock Eliminator. Body, drivetrain, chassis, etc. Originally it was a straight lbs. They are the most famous and recognizable class of drag racing cars, known around the globe. Junior stock was a lot of fun at low cost. NHRA super stock is one of my most favorite things in the world and the major reason is the match ups that NHRA, when facing a class in obvious decline, instituted a new set of rules aimed at revitalizing the factory hot rod division. The index for each class is based on past and potential Feb 23, 2016 · As with any racing class, the rules have to be interpreted to the letter, so Jim and his dad needed to be on top of their game in order to build just the right powerplant. Stock. Record at the time was 15. 50's. It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to ensure that their vehicle is in absolute compliance of any and all 2019 NHRA rules. National Record Procedure For Comp, Super Stock, and Stock, records will be retired automatically after two years, on the last day of the previous month in which the record was set. 53 mm) if battery is relocated from stock and other than stock hold-downs are used ("J" hooks prohibited or must have open end welded shut. The NHRA is 12 races into the 2016 season, and only five have attracted a full field of entries. Personally I like it because you get to see guys making the factory "junk" parts and low-po motors really work. Sep 02, 2015 · For 1969, the AHRA called it Heads Up Super Stock. According to the NHRA announcement, the current rules stipulate the following: “Body choice must be from a 2009 or later NHRA-accepted 2-door or 4-door coupe or sedan (domestic or foreign) production vehicle. You will be signed out in seconds due to inactivity. Are the D/SA rules still close to the same as they were in the 70's? Except for the safety rules that I'm sure have changed. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles compete, usually two Except where a breakout rule is in place, the winner is the first vehicle to cross the finish line, and therefore the The NHRA includes 5 pro classes; Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Modified and Pro Stock Motorcycle. Paid Parking Stalls The following section is intended to outline the class rules and regulations for each class. Computer: Prohibited unless stock vehicle by new car manufacturer. Factory Showdown qualifiers will not receive Lucas Oil Stock Eliminator national Note: All other Stock Rules as found in the latest version of the NHRA  Four stock production fenders mandatory, fiberglass duplicates permitted. Super Stock Fast Facts the Chrysler Racing Program, who had wanted and petitioned the NHRA for the 'top' Super/Stock Class for 1968, for the purposes of 'marketing and advertising'. Street Cars The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech: Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator This prevents a particular car, or class as a whole, from dominating the entire class of Comp Eliminator. Call for pricing and details on what we can do for you. ). The Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 was recently given the green light to be modified for competition in NHRA Stock and Super Stock Sportsman class competition for the 2019 season. *NOTE: All drivers and vehicles subject to approval by a majority vote of the Class A members. See more ideas about Drag racing, Racing and Drag cars. Click here for the Stock Eliminator class rules on the NHRA website. The NHRA reserved' the SS/A Class {for cars with a 5. It is similar to the Top Doorslammer class as defined by the ANDRA Stock & Superstock Drag Racing, Cocoa, Florida. Nostalgia Super Stock is an all run field and will complete on an NHRA Sportsman type ladder. 99 Wt/Hp and less}, and with the possibility The National Hot Rod Association is making wider changes to its Pro Stock category with the intention of opening it up to many more competitors. Find Nhra Fire Suit Rules related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Nhra Fire Suit Rules information. The rules and regulations set forth in this Supplement apply specifically to such vehicles and drivers and to performance and conduct at any NHRA event or member track. com ; DragRacingEdge. Couple more questions. The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology NHRA Factory Stock Showdown qualifiers will be competing for the NHRA Wally trophy, event champion’s jacket and an event purse. The class will qualify by elapsed time closest to index, be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations. Street Cars The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech: Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator Mar 22, 2019 · After a single race, the NHRA Technical Department has slapped three late-debuting classes with rules designed to bring parity. Jul 23, 2019 · Defending NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Matt Smith was on a major offensive on his personal Facebook page regarding what he feels is longtime, blatant, egregious favoritism for the Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson team by the NHRA. Drag Racing News, Results, Classifieds and Information for Sportsman Drag Racers who race in NHRA, IHRA and Big Bucks Bracket Races. Rules initially favored big block V8s with Chrysler Hemi engine powered cars winning the World title the first two years. 23 Feb 2016 Check out this NHRA Division 1 Stock Eliminator 1987 Camaro In the Stock Eliminator class, there are strict rules regarding boring, stroking,  24 Jun 2017 It seems probable that from next year NHRA's struggling Pro Stock new tire spec, thereby making the class pretty much a jumble of new rules. With a Patterson Elite Super Stock engine you will have the power and consistency Cylinder Heads: Ported Aluminum NHRA Accepted Heads To Class Specs Super stock and stock eliminator racing and pictures. Woody and Greg built many Pro Stock cars including cars for the Rod Shop and Joe Satmary. News, results, points, technical information, membership information, entry forms and archives. Sep 23, 2019 - Drag racing cars of NHRA stock eliminator. Racers could now use a wider tire (7 inches max) and a class for the auto trans Super Stockers was created (Super Stock Automatic or S/SA). NHRA reserves the right in the future to make additional rule changes to control performance and maintain parity in the category. Cost is about $60,000. By Matt Polito www. SS/A and SS/AA should include ALL of the manufacturers just as Cutta explained. They can go from 0 to 60 mph in half a second. NHRA Street car class would only be good as a Stock car, 1 mod and the rules take over. NHRA also added a Factory Experimental (or F/X) class. Pacific Raceways is a NHRA sanctioned track. He was named as one of NHRA's Top 50 Best Drivers, and is a member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. 2 Aug 2018 ET BREAKS AND CLASSES. 99. Ages 10 to 17. Jan 13, 2011 · To run traditional classes, you'll have to run an engine that was available in a 69 Camaro from the factory. 00 and 7. Our Super Stock engines are the best route to contending for and dominating your class. ) News & Results; Schedule Pure Stock: As the rules state, this is the purest form of Class Racing, with the most limited modifications. ET restricted to 8. Additional Showdown Rules are listed below: Designation: FSS/XX The Pro Stock class has suffered a dip in participation in recent years and the class (for various reasons) has lost a handful of regulars. There are many classes within NHRA's Stock and Super Stock eliminators. For the near future there is no change; IHRA-only class cars will continue to be welcome to race in our series, including at the Miramichi National Open. the fields will be around 40 to 150 cars at every race Aug 14, 2015 · Under the new rules that go into effect for the 2016 season, Pro Stock engine builders will have to use the following Holley parts to develop the fuel and spark system for their engines: throttle body, ECU, fuel injectors, crank and cam sensors and Smart Coils. 99 (electronics) | 7. The updated SAMTech. Original Shows, Motorsports and Live Events. Just ask David Rampy, Tracy Cassil, John Stock, Norm Marsden or Larry Schmidt. 9,317 likes · 185 talking about this. Oh you mean the Pro Chevy, Super Chevy class ? NHRA has always favored GM,But what they have done now is just sad. So for 1966 ONLY they said "ok, any similar intake". One of the key parts of these rules is the factoring numbers that are near the top of the rules. These rules and regulations are excerpts from or supplements to the NHRA Rulebook, and participants and track officials should consult the current NHRA May 19, 2008 · NHRA Rule Changes Rattle Pro Stock Motorcycle. nhra stock class rules